Live performances in Tiltbrush at conferences and events. 
Tiltbrush, Goolge's Virtual Reality art app lets me paint in 3D space with Virtual reality. Whole world is my canvas. My pallet is my imagination. I use HTCvive as my tool. 

VR Art creations can be viewed on a screen during the performance. And later as 3D model on Poly Google’s own 3D distribution platform and on Sketchfab.  Or turned into GIF animated files. VR Art can be seen like AR sculptures or AR animated creatures using smartphones

 AR Art gallery shows

I create AR art shows using my VR creations. It is animated entertainment

VR AR Art and Animation Workshops 

We are VR/AR Artists, I and Samantha Luck, my VR Art partner.  We work in VR every day using painting, animation and sculpting programs in VR (Tiltbrush, Quill, AnimVR, Tvori, Medium, Gravity Sketch) so we have expert knowledge about programs for creating and working in VR AR

We can we provide for you

3D Asset Creation Workshops for VR AR

Painting Animation and VR Sculpting

VR Animation

VR AR Content and Integration