Olga Nabatova

VR AR artist

Toronto-based Virtual Reality artist that works with various VR programs. My first introduction to VR was in 2016, when I was hired by Google to create a virtual reality experience for their YouTube Plus Event. Google's VR art app, Tiltbrush was the introduction to working with virtual reality. Since my involvement with Google, I have gone on working on their various projects, as well as demonstrating my artwork in various events/conferences. My VR artwork has been featured on CBC, Space, etc and in various online publications. 

CBC News. The National. VR Art "A new VR app called Tilt Brush allows artists and anyone else with a creative streak to paint brilliant three-dimensional drawings and craft virtual sculptures. Created by Google, it is used with HTC's Vive VR equipment. Artist Olga Nabatova got to try it out when Google commissioned her to create a 3-D rendering of the downtown Toronto skyline for a recent event. " Ron Charles · CBC News · Posted: Sep 30, 2016

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